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Emoting Personas through Spaces

The Homely

Inside a contemporary facade, discover a unique combination of the modern - antique aesthetics.

Tiles, Teals and Timber

The elegant dining area extends into a timber - teal
open kitchen making it more spacious.

The Eclectic

A fancy fusion of the bold wooden rafter ceiling, Italian marble floor and the contrasting furniture against the pastel wainscoted wall.

The Warm

Bask in the sunlight as this guest room or as we proudly call it ‘The Sunshine room’ welcomes you with all its warmth and comfort.


An expression from the mid-century modern era - handcrafted cane headboard on a classic bed against the big blue wall, the freshness of plants and a bathroom with Turkish ceramic tiles.


Blending styles, bringing out the best balance, this is a perfect layout for a young couple of the new era.

The Soothing

Black & white checkered motifs with a pop of bright colors, this is a place where you wash off your worries and start afresh.


A place of worship with a mighty door decorated with bells and traditional engravings. Although small, this auspicious room makes one feel blissful like being in a big temple of solitude.

Savour Every 

With a cheerful entrance to hang out and savour your favourite dessert, this place shines when spotted from afar.


A place that comes with a challenge of limited spacing accommodates a comfortable cooking station and various styles of seating, leaving adequate space to move around.

The Bold

A robust build with a dynamic palette, energetic interiors and an innovative shoe rack upcycled from the plumbing pipes.

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Saachee Shetty 

Known for her varied experience, passion and the ability to micromanage projects, Saachee Shetty, Graduated in the year 2011 from L S Raheja School of architecture, Mumbai, has been handling a diverse set of projects, from residential to commercial.

With a constant knack for an eye of detail, her designs focus on refining design ideas. Making sure to come up with a unique solution that is architecturally coherent and socially relevant. She has always made client requirements a priority and makes sure her designs fit in these. Her designs are driven by the philosophy that every space narrates a story and it should definitely reflect the clients nature.

Having worked with acclaimed designers in the country, she has garnered the knack for details and consistently strives to excel in her work keeping the teachings and experiences in mind.

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